Outsourced Marketing Support & Consultancy.

Specialising in products and services for children and families.

The Founder of Amazing Futures

Hi, I’m Felicity Sandford and I live in Ealing, West London with my husband and two children. I set up Amazing Futures in September 2017, after selling the nanny agency franchise I ran for five years. Five years running a childcare recruitment business gave me a wealth of business experience, but I yearned to return to marketing career roots.

I now work with a variety of businesses in the child and family, education and leisure sectors. My clients are serious about taking their business to the next level and aware that to do so, outsourcing, to some degree, is necessary.


Felicity Sandford

A genuine love for marketing

I am continually enhancing my skills and recently completed the five-month Google Squared Online diploma in digital marketing qualification. In the field of marketing, particularly digital marketing, a thirst for learning and training is an essential quality.

You can read more about my marketing background on the Experience page. Or view my Linked In profile here

What I bring to your business

  • Spare time! I’ll take on the marketing, leaving you to concentrate on the areas of the business that need you most, to develop the offering to be the best it can possibly be whilst I concentrate on acquiring you new clients and communicating with existing ones.
  • Essential skills in social media marketing, copywriting, Mailchimp, WordPress and website management including SEO, Google Analytics, MS Office products, Canva and more.


  • Experience of working with providers/ suppliers of children’s products, activities and services
  • New business relationships and networking. I am a keen networking and run LEAP Networking for business owners whose products or services are aimed at families or children.
  • Knowledge and networking from the many conferences and courses I attend each year. In 2017 I attended Social Day, the Entrepreneur Networking One Day Spectacular conferences (quarterly).
  • A network of trusted and skilled suppliers – from print production, to graphic designers, brand consultants, corporate merchandise suppliers and more.
  • Expertise and collaborative contacts from the many different private, paid networks I belong to, including The Cocoon, Soulful PR Club, Awesome Business Club and the Enterpreneur Network.
  • A positive attitude and determination to increase your revenue whilst keeping costs low.
  • Clear communication and flexibility.
  • Skilled and trusted associates/ contractors where extra support is needed on projects/ retainers

I do not pretend to be an absolute expert on all aspects of marketing. There’s no such person!

What I do offer however, is an excellent overall knowledge, a 360∙ approach with skills and experience in all areas of the marketing mix, backed up with templates to test and measure Return on Investment (both time and financial) on marketing activity.

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