Introducing Coralie – Our Paid Social Specialist
November 12, 2021
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Coralie, Facebook Ads Specialist
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Coralie has worked in marketing for the last 5 years and have a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of clients and managing campaigns and projects across all different marketing channels. Her career started in a London media agency where she worked with many well-known brands, before moving to Cambridge to work in the marketing team of a local business. After her second child was born in 2019, she set up as a freelancer and started working with small businesses, specialising in paid social media. Aside from work, she is a mother of two, home educator to her children and a figure skater in her spare time – her life is busy, but filled with fun!

Lets hear more from Coralie including some of her Top Tips for Facebook Ads:

I am so excited to be joining the Amazing Futures team as an Ads Specialist. Many business owners know the value in using Facebook ads, but despite being an amazing way to reach and connect with an audience – without knowing the in’s and out’s, it can feel overwhelming and complicated. Personally, I’m fascinated by ads and I love to learn all I can so that I’m always up to date and able to consistently provide excellent support and advice for my clients.

Ads are a great chance to be creative and try out new things – I think they are such a brilliant opportunity for businesses big and small. I love working with clients to simplify the ads process, identify the best approach for their business, and work closely together throughout the campaign, continually testing, learning and refining to get the best possible results.

Coralie’s Top Tips for Successful Facebook Ads

If Facebook Ads is something you’re considering as part of your marketing strategy (it definitely should be!), then here’s a few tips to have in mind:

  • Set aside some budget. This sounds obvious, but although it’s possible to run campaigns for small amounts of money, you really want to invest enough to see the results you want. You also don’t want to set up an amazing campaign, but only be able to run it for a few weeks. So think ahead about what budget you want to and can commit to your ads.
  • Research your audience. The most successful ads are the ones that get their audience targeting down to a T! The more you know and understand your audience, the better you can reach them and the more relevant you can make your ads. Understanding your audience is key.
  • Get creative with your creative! You want your ad to stand out and catch people’s eye. People scroll their feeds so fast and briefly, you need something that will stop them in their tracks. Things like using humour, different colours, movement, video… there are so many creative options and different audiences will respond better to different things, so have some ideas in mind and test, test, test!
  • Speak to your audience. When writing the copy for your ads, rather than thinking about what you want to say, think about what your audience would like to know! What problem are you solving for them? Why do they need your product/service?
  • Have fun! I know running ads for your business is serious stuff, but really try to have fun with it! People come to social media to connect with people, consume content that they enjoy and is relevant to them – join the fun and the success of your ads will reflect it!

If you would like some Facebook Ads training or someone to manage your Facebook Ads for you to get better results, get in touch via our Contact Page to arrange a free discovery call.

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