Kickstart 2022 with a month’s worth of engaging Facebook post ideas
January 15, 2022
Share this article:Despite what some ‘Facebook Gurus’ might lead you to believe, no-one really knows how the Facebook algorithm works. That’s a secret well kept by Facebook, so much so that even most Facebook staff don’t know everything about the algorithm. However, what we do know is that the more engagement your posts get, the […]
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Despite what some ‘Facebook Gurus’ might lead you to believe, no-one really knows how the Facebook algorithm works. That’s a secret well kept by Facebook, so much so that even most Facebook staff don’t know everything about the algorithm.

However, what we do know is that the more engagement your posts get, the more likely Facebook is to show them to more people. So … that’s what you need to do. Ok, easier said than done, right? Especially when you’re competing with posts from friends and family in your ideal customer’s busy timeline.

Well yes, it’s true that it is much harder for small businesses to get traction on organic posts these days. But it’s certainly not impossible.

That’s why I’m sharing my 4-week, rinse-and-repeat Facebook posting plan with you. It’s filled with loads of ideas to engage your audience and can be used over and over again.

Don’t forget – the more you put in, the more you get out. That means you must post regularly and consistently, and make sure you respond to every comment and DM to boost the engagement on your post as well as building your community on social media.

So here are some ideas to get you started …

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Week one:

#1: Ask a question

Questions are great for social media because, when you read a question, you can’t help answering it in your head and so it gives people motivation to respond.

Most people are also frankly, quite nosey, so question posts encourage others to spend time on your page reading other people’s answers.

The trick with questions is to ask something that doesn’t involve too much of a time investment e.g. Do you listen to music when you work or do you prefer complete silence? I’m looking for Netflix recommendations, can you help? What one thing would make your day better? What’s your favourite trick to get your children to eat more vegetables?

Once people answer your simple question, make sure you respond to their answer – don’t leave them feeling ignored! Strike up a conversation by asking more questions if you can. Your replies count as engagement to Facebook and this can help give the post a bit of a reach boost too.

#2: This or that

People love giving their opinion.

Are you working on something that you could ask for your audience’s advice on? A new logo or product name perhaps?

Maybe you could ask your followers’ opinion on the colour of two items to find out which they prefer.

Or if none of those work, how about some more options: E.g.:

You can only pick one:

Working from home or back to the office?

Rugby or football? Favourite day out with kids – trip to the zoo or theme park?

Post #3 Go live or (if that’s too scary) post a pre-recorded video

Introduce yourself, tell people about the product or services you provide, introduce your team, encourage them to ask questions and ask them to get in touch if they have any questions.

Week two

Post #1 How to…

What tip or trick could you share to impress your audience and make their life easier? E.g.:

Swimming teacher: 3 ways to establish a child’s bedtime routine

Florist: How to make your flowers last longer

Stylist: Three ways to style a classic white T-shirt

Fitness instructor: How to do the perfect squat

Post #2: Local or national issue that affects your business or industry

Think about what’s going on locally or nationally that affects your audience. Start by giving your opinion and ask followers if they agree. Choose carefully though; you don’t want to start a riot on your page so steer clear of anything too controversial!

Post #3 Join my list

Have you got a mailing list? Share information about what’s in your newsletter and tell why people might want to join it – do you share exclusive discount codes or early bird offers?

Don’t forget to include a link so they can sign up.

Week three

Post #1 How I can help you

Share a post reminding people what you do and who you help.

Imagine you’re talking to your dream customer – what do you want them to know about you and your business?

Be clear about the benefits of your products or service. You need to tell people why they should work with you/ use your service. How will you make their life better/ easier?

Post #2 Objection buster

It’s not nice to have to think about the reasons people might not want to buy from you BUT, when you tackle these questions openly and honestly, you build trust in your business.

Let’s say the problem is price. Perhaps people think your product or service is too expensive. But do they really know what they’ll get for their money?

This week create a post which overcomes an objection. It could, for example, explain why your product or service is better than a cheaper alternative – are the products superior so it will last longer? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Post #3 Behind the scenes

Share a behind the scenes photo of your workspace. It might be the start or end of a project, your shop front, a new stock arrival, the props you use for classes, video clips of preparing to start work, or even a cup of tea in your favourite mug!

Week four 

Post #1 Your frequently asked questions

Answer a question that people ask you time and time again.

The information might seem obvious to you, but don’t assume all your followers know it!

FAQ posts are especially helpful as, not only do they help your readers get the information they need easily; they also position you as an expert in your field.

Post #2 Fill in the blank

These simple posts are a fun way to engage your audience and add some personality to your page:

Finish the sentence – This week my main goal is ___________

Finish the sentence – This weekend I’m going to ____________

Finish the sentence – Our favourite family restaurant is ____________

Post #3 Make them an offer

Can you make your followers an exclusive, irresistible offer? It could be a discount, free shipping, bring a friend for free or a free consultation.

Ask people to reply to your post for more details and, when they do, DM them with the details.

Ready to take action?

So, there you have it, four weeks of engagement-boosting posts to share with your audience. I hope you’re feeling motivated to take action.

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