Bespoke and flexible marketing packages for your business, tailored specifically for your needs.

Is the core market for your business children or families?

OR, are you thinking of starting up as a business aimed at children or parents? Perhaps you wish to set up as a children’s entertainer, activity provider, a nursery or something else relating to the baby / child sector and need some help getting the business noticed by parent buyers. Well you’ve come to the right place!

Do you need an experienced marketer to get you started? Or a fresh pair of eyes to review your marketing?

The sheer pace of changing of the marketing sector, particularly in this digital age can be a full time job to keep up with! There’s no need to be overwhelmed! Even if you can’t afford to take me on a monthly retainer to outsource your marketing requirements entirely, you can hire me to do a full marketing review of your business. I’ll look at all aspects of your marketing, we’ll have consultancy calls and you’ll get a detailed report with recommendations at the end. See details of the Mega Marketing Audit in the Business Packages section.

I can help you reach your target audience using a holistic marketing approach utilising a range of different channels. I will assist you with developing your marketing plans and strategy to reach parent buyers and work with you until you are more confident in dealing it all with yourself.

If you have ambitious plans for growth and very little time, I can completely take the time-consuming marketing work (from advertising to social media and PR).

Amazing Futures aims to be a one-stop shop for all your marketing requirements.

Saving you time to concentrate on the areas of your business that need your expertise most, I can help you develop and grow your business. I know the parent and child marketing very well and have 15 years’ marketing experience across a range of different sectors and companies behind me. I have worked with many suppliers from graphic designers, consultants, web designers, branding consultants, data experts so I have contacts in all these areas and can manage the communications on projects with external suppliers. I have a range of skills that can cover most areas of your marketing plan.


virtual marketing manager

Virtual Marketing Manager (tailored service depending on your requirements)

Leave all the marketing of your business to me. We agree a budget and a marketing plan covering all areas of the marketing mix.

I can cover your marketing strategy, email marketing , networking (online and/ or offline), advertising, copywriting, website management, SEO (including online directory management),  blog writing, PR and even host stands for you at exhibitions or manage your event.

  • This package includes all email correspondence and a monthly 1-hour video call meeting via Zoom to discuss plans and progress.

Email or call 07742 104553 for more information. 

Alternatively you can ‘pay as you go’ and just select one or two services that you need on a long or short-term basis. Call 07742 104553 for a quote.

Franchisor's Marketing manager

Franchisor’s Marketing Manager (bespoke packages)

I can support your franchisees to help them make a success of their franchise purchase. Franchisors can offer this as a perk to their offering in the franchisee support package. I have been a franchisee myself for 5 years and have worked on ongoing marketing projects for franchisees and franchisors already.

This package can include – monthly training sessions via video or in person (depending on location). Also reviewing your brand and marketing materials, making improvements where necessary. I can lead you through a rebrand, write press releases, manage your website (or lead a relaunch project), write or review blogs, plan promotional email, blog  and social media content and scheduling.

It also includes all email correspondence with the Franchisor and franchisees (subject to reasonable usage), a monthly video to franchisees and a one Zoom video call a month to the Franchisor to discuss progress and next priorities.

Mega Marketing Audit

MEGA MARKETING AUDIT Marketing Review and Coaching package

First Consultation call

Initial call to discuss current marketing challenges and how you are getting your marketing message across to current and potential customers in the different marketing channels you use.

Marketing Overview

  • A look at the brand and how well it’s representing your company’s current direction
  • Your story: Where you started, where you are now and where you want to be next.
  • How are you currently acquiring leads and customers?
  • What is your marketing message and how are you putting it across to your target audience?
  • Who are your main competitors and how are they doing things differently?
  • Tips and suggestions on how things could be improved.

Social Media Audit

A review of how your social media profiles are currently performing. How are they representing your brand and putting across your marketing message? What is working well and what could be improved?

A second coaching and review call lasting about 1 hour will be arranged to discuss the areas above and go through action points.

Content Marketing

You will get a template for email marketing and blog articles, complete with some suggestions for content (the rest you can fill in as appropriate).

Snapshot Website Review

Content, navigation, features and suggestions for improvement to copy and use of images where appropriate. A broad look at key search terms currently used and a template you can use to do your keyword research each month, complete with a minimum of 20 suggestions to help you get started.

SWOT analysis

Report Summary – Emails to suggest quick fixes and longer-term suggestions according to marketing budget.

Final Phone call or Zoom call – (up to 1 hour) to discuss marketing plan of action for both online and offline activity.

All this marketing consultancy work and coaching for just £300

amazing futures contract work

Contract Work

Temporary cover for Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive positions

With a reasonable amount of notice I am happy to come to your office for marketing contract work. I can do this for any size or type of company, it doesn’t have to just be in the baby & children’s sector. However, you will need to be within one hour’s public transport commute maximum from me. Or I can work on a remote basis, fully or partially from my office in Hanwell, Ealing.

From £200 per day, depending on the role, location and requirements.