Terms & Conditions

How I work  

Here’s what you can expect when you work with me.

Working Week

I will respond to your emails within 24 hours during the working week. All effort will be made to respond to all emails over the weekend but if I am unavailable, I will make contact as soon as possible thereafter. I work flexible hours and may sometimes email you during the evening but that does not mean I am available for calls or responding to emails or texts after 6pm unless by prior arrangement. Please limit texts and whatsapp messages to my working hours of 9.30am to 6pm wherever possible unless it is something urgent.

My set days for working are Monday to Friday. That said, I am not always in front of my computer during these hours.  If you need to speak with me, I am happy to set-up a scheduled time. If it is your preference, depending on the package you are on, we can set up a recurring check-in call during my standard business hours.  

Rush Jobs 

I understand that no matter how much we plan, things pop up and must be dealt with immediately. I will always be honest as to whether I have the capacity to fully complete the task or discuss ways in which I can assist that time allows for. I cannot guarantee completion of work if I am given less than 48 hours-notice so please do try to communicate with me well in advance where possible.


My business observes all UK Public holidays and I always take off the period between 23rd December and 3rd January. In addition I usually taken a further 4 to 5 weeks holiday per year. My prices are reflective of this and retainers will continue as normal. I will always plan content for your platforms in advance of my holiday and schedule accordingly. If you have any deadlines during this time we will need to take into account beforehand to plan around my holiday. I do sometime check emails whilst I’m away but I won’t usually have my laptop and I cannot guarantee wifi/ 4G connection so I like to treat it as though I’ll be totally uncontactable for that reason. I will of course give you advance warning should I feel it will affect any agreed work.


Confidentiality is very important to me so you can be sure that all of your private information is protected.  If you share your passwords with me you can be sure that the information is encrypted and stored off-line. 


I also suggest a three monthly review to discuss progress, hours and pricing. Particularly after the first three month. Giving us the opportunity to review all elements of our working arrangements.


Payment is due in advance of the work. Invoices will be issued towards the end of each month ready to commence the next month’s work. Payment can be made by BACs and should be paid within 7 days. Late payment may incur additional charges.

Notice period

Should you wish to end our arrangement then I require 1 month’s notice. I will offer you 1 month’s notice should I need to end the agreement also. 

Any Problems?

If you have any problems or are unhappy about any element of the work I carry out for you, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can resolve any issues. I hope you find my work to be of excellent quality, I do however welcome positive and negative feedback.