Proven strategies to grow your followers, improve your customer journey and convert distracted scrollers into paying fans

1:2:1 Online Training

Free Discovery Call

No-obligation 15-minute chat to discover which of my services will give you the most value.

Zoom Power Hour

60 mins to pick my brains and solve your marketing dilemmas.

Marketing Content Healthcheck

A special content consultancy package which comes with lots of workbooks and other resources.

Learn & Grow Package

My Learn & Grow package gives you the opportunity to develop new digital marketing skills and remain supported as you put them into practice, via 3x 1hr sessions.

Nurture & Flourish Package

With my tailored six-hour Nurture & Flourish package, you’ll be given the tools to create highly professional content which improves your customer journey and converts followers into customers.

Group Training

Social Media Content & Marketing Strategy

You know your social media channels could be working harder for you – attracting a steady flow of new followers, customers and leads. Now find out how to achieve it.

In this session, I’ll teach you and your team / franchisees how to build an impactful social media strategy and fill it with professional content which connects with your customers.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

There’s no easy way to say this. Facebook and Instagram should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy if you want to grow your business.

In this session I’ll teach you the basics of Facebook Ads Manager and the all-important components of a scroll-stopping ad. You’ll learn why a strong organic strategy is key to supporting your paid media and how to build a simple ad campaign.

Facebook for Business

Still the most popular platform across all age groups, Facebook offers exciting opportunities for businesses.

In this session I’ll show you how to tap into them. We’ll look at best practice, what you need to do more of and how to write a strategy for success.

Instagram for Business

As the UK’s fastest growing social media platform, Instagram is an indispensable marketing tool for lifestyle, family and leisure brands.

In this session, I’ll cover how the platform works, who uses it and why you should prioritise it for your brand.

Twitter for Business

With more than 15m UK users, Twitter is fast paced, real time and the go-to platform for customer services.

In this session, I’ll cover how to use the platform to promote your business and how to find and connect with industry experts and your ideal customers.